🤝 How to Negotiate Lovingly | Featuring Catherine Stewart Listen now (56 min) | Hi everybody - In this episode, we interview Catherine Stewart, former COO of Shippo and Chief Business Officer at…
🏡 How to Invest In (& Manage) Rental Properties Listen now (64 min) | Featuring Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane
🎙 PivotThis note is 237 words, a 56-second read time. Hi Everybody - I hope this email finds you well! Today I am writing to share some news with you. Life…
📝 Key Takeaways from "Pivot": Life School will now be an audio-first company Current incarnation of Life School is not working; ~1000 views per lesson…

November 2021

🍎 Roasted Vegetables, Slack Community & How to Make Applesauce Écoutez maintenant (2 min) | Life School Weekly #8
The Etiquette of Overnight Hosting & Guesting 🏡Listen now (10 min) | A Guide by Life School
🥚🍲🥂 Medium-Boiled Eggs, Grain Bowls, & Dinner Party Club Listen now (3 min) | Life School Weekly #6
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October 2021

Chicken Salad, Overnight Etiquette & Kitchen Organization 🏡🥪⏲Listen now (2 min) | Life School Weekly #5
Foundations The Five Levels of Cooking Goals for Level 2 Bone Broth ⚡️ Roasting/Baking - Level 2 Baked/Roasted Fish 📓 Shakshouka Roasted Leeks Roasted…
Lunch 2.0
Why I am building Cooking Without RecipesListen now (9 min) | By Michelle, Chief Researcher