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🏡 How to Invest In (& Manage) Rental Properties

🏡 How to Invest In (& Manage) Rental Properties

Featuring Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane

Hi everybody - 

Hope this email finds you well! Our first episode of the Life School 2.0 podcast features Dana Dunford, CEO & Founder of Hemlane, a technology company that helps manage long-term rental properties. She speaks with us about the future of the rental industry, the benefits of investing in cash flow-generating properties, and how to start investing beyond your backyard. 

I have linked some notes & key takeaways here. Given this is the first episode post-pivot, I’d love to know what you think! Feel free to drop me a line or post a comment. Also, if you have any questions for Dana, her email is here

Have a great weekend! 

~ Michelle 

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