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🍎 Roasted Vegetables, Slack Community & How to Make Applesauce

🍎 Roasted Vegetables, Slack Community & How to Make Applesauce

Life School Weekly #8

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Hi Everybody -

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Life School Weekly! We hope you find something here that inspires you. ✨

πŸ”¦ Featured this week:

  1. Hacks to Prevent Messes: If you prevent the mess in the first place, you’ll waste less time later cleaning up. We scoured the internet for the 15 best tips & tricks to help you keep your kitchen tidy while cooking up a storm.Β 

  2. How to Roast Vegetables: Served hot or cold, as a side, base, or main, roasted vegetables are a fantastic meal prep staple to master. This guide covers the basics and includes ideas for sprucing up seasonal veggies you like.Β 

  3. How to Make Applesauce 🎬: Got extra apples? Consider making applesauce! This dish makes for a healthy, easy & tasty side dish or dessert. 

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  • Slack Group: Do you have questions about cooking, cleaning, personal finance, or other practical life skills? Do you have expertise & advice to share? Come join our community!Β 

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Have a great week!

~ Michelle & the Life School Team