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Here’s a little information about us:

  • Our mission is to help motivated, curious learners elevate their quality of living, one new skill at a time.

  • Our vision is to be the #1 trusted brand in life skills & DIY

  • Our dream is to build the first online school focused on making life better

We’re doing this by creating engaging, easy-to-digest lessons & guides, that take ~2-5 minutes to read. We also audio record all lessons & provide video demonstrations where useful (or just fun).

Want to check it out? Let’s get started:

  1. 📚 Table of Contents: all the content, organized in one place

  2. 🍳 Cooking Without Recipes: our flagship course for beginner cooks/takeout addicts (~85 lessons)

  3. 🗂 Collections: our cooking lessons re-organized by theme & type

  4. 🧽 Cleaning Level 1: our second flagship course, for beginner home & apartment dwellers (~30 lessons)

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We hope that you find something that delights you.

~ Michelle (Chief Researcher) & The Life School Team

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