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How to Make Tacos 🌮🎬

How to Make Tacos 🌮🎬

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Crispy tacos with jack cheese, leftover sautéed onions, & ground chicken. Garnished with cilantro & sour cream.

📍 Introduction: 

Pre-dating the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, tacos are now beloved globally. Consisting of a corn or wheat tortilla heaped with fillings and garnish, tacos are nutritious, tasty, and versatile. 

Additionally, they are fun to experiment with. Traditional varieties consist primarily of meat & garnish, but chefs have embraced the taco as a palate for broad creative expression. Give yourself license to experiment. You might discover something divine. 

🧂 Ingredients: 

  • Tortillas (e.g., corn, wheat) 

  • Fillings 

  • Garnish 

✅ Instructions: 


  1. Heat large pan (cast iron recommended)

  2. Add tortillas. Don't crowd. 

  3. Warm ~15-30 sec on each side. 

  4. Keep warm by wrapping in a kitchen towel. 


  1. Preheat the oven to 350-400°F.

  2. Wrap tortillas in foil. 

  3. Heat 5-10 min, depending on the stack's size.

Crispy w/ cheese:

  1. Heat pan & add oil. 

  2. Add tortillas. Flip after ~1 min. 

  3. Add thinly sliced cheese. 

  4. Top with a lid (optional, cover loosely to speed up melting)  

  5. Remove when crisp/melted to your preference. 

📝 Notes Tips & Tricks

  • Microwave warming is okay in a pinch but not recommended. It can lead to rips & odd texture. 

  • Tortillas freeze well. Defrost them individually or together.  

  • To make a quesadilla, use a larger, flour-based tortilla. Fold it over, or top with a second. 

  • If using leftovers, dice & reheat before using as filling. 

📓 Taco Inspiration Reference Guide: 

🗂 Recipe: Breakfast Tacos 🍳

  • Ingredients: corn tortillas, eggs, olive oil, salt, cheese (optional), toppings/garnish (optional) 

  • Instructions: (1) make crispy tacos, (2) make scrambled eggs (🎬 demo), (3) top tacos with eggs & garnish as desired.

  • Video recipes/demos 🎬 : 20-sec version, IG step-by-step

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