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Tuna Salad Sandwich 🐟📓🎬

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📍 Introduction: 

The ultimate comfort food, a tuna salad sandwich is both practical and delicious. Packed with protein and ~$2/serving, this lightning-fast meal is exceptionally high leverage. 

As tuna is shelf-stable, it’s helpful to have a few cans on hand for those lunches or dinners when you don’t have much in the fridge. Given its neutral flavors, it can serve as a canvas for a wide range of unique combinations. Go ahead and get creative! 


*See reference guide below for inspiration

  • Tuna 

  • Base (e.g., bread, lettuce wrap) 

  • Additions (e.g., crunchy, creamy, salty) 

  • Toppings (e.g., tangy, aromatic)

✅ Instructions: 

  1. Gather all ingredients.

  2. Combine all tuna salad elements slowly (e.g., 1 tsp at a time). Taste regularly.  

  3. If using bread, toast in a pan & add butter towards the end. (Optional)

  4. Assemble sandwich. 

📝 Notes Tips & Tricks

  • Tuna salad makes for a great snack (e.g., with crackers), lunch (as a sandwich), or dinner (e.g., decadent tuna melt on gourmet bread with a side of soup.) 

  • Chop everything as finely as possible to encourage the melding of flavors.  

  • Water-packed tuna is lower in calories but higher in omega 3s than tuna packed in oil. To use, drain the water.

  • Oil-packed tuna has more flavor and is higher in caloric value. 

  • Mayonnaise quality has a significant impact on flavor. Use the highest quality you can find (or make some). 

  • No-salt canned is best. If you can’t find it, rinse the tuna out for a few minutes to reduce the sodium. 

  • Try to seek out sustainably-caught, dolphin-free tuna.

📓 Reference Guide

🗂 Example Recipe: Sicilian-Style Tuna Sandwich

Tuna salad:

  • Tuna  

  • Dill (or dill weed)

  • Lemon juice  

  • Salt & pepper 

  • Olive oil (or mayo) 

Base & Additions:

  • Bread

  • Butter

  • Arugula

  • B&B pickles

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