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Hard (or Medium) Boiled Eggs 🥚🎬

Hard (or Medium) Boiled Eggs 🥚🎬

This post is 334 words, a 1 min 20 sec reading time. It is the (updated) 13th lesson of How to Boil Water. It is also part of the Breakfast Collection.

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📍 Introduction

Packed with protein & speedy to make, hard (or medium)-boiled eggs are a delicious, timeless, economical treat.

The trick to nailing boiled eggs is ensuring they cook for a precise number of minutes. If overcooked, eggs are hard to peel, tough & chewy. They can also have powdery & tasteless yolks. 😝

For a more delicate egg with a tender & creamy interior, set a timer and let the simmering water do the rest. If you have a penchant for jammy & gooey yolks, aim for a 7-minute egg. For a little firmer, try 9-10 min. Go ahead and experiment to determine what type of eggs you like best.

🧂 Ingredients & Equipment:

  • Eggs

  • Timer (optional)

  • Slotted spoon (optional)

✅ Instructions:

  1. Boil water 

  2. Slowly lower eggs into the water

  3. Set timer. For medium, 7 min. For hard, 9-10 min. Soft 4-5 min.

  4. Slightly lower heat

  5. Prepare ice bath

  6. Remove eggs, place in the ice bath for ~1-2 min, or until they are slightly warm.

  7. Peel, dress, serve, eat or store! 

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks

  • By cooking at a simmer (instead of a rolling boil), the eggs will bounce around less. This reduces the chances of cracking.

  • To start eggs in cold water, make two adjustments. (1) Turn off the heat once the water is boiling. (2) Let rest covered to finish cooking. Soft is 4 min, Medium = 6 min, Hard = 8 min. 

  • Shocking the eggs helps shrink the cooked egg, separating it from the shell and making for easier peeling. It also cools them, making for more comfortable handling. 

  • Older eggs peel easier. Fresh ones can be nearly impossible. 

  • Boiled eggs can elevate salads, soups, ramen, sandwiches & more. 

  • Popular toppings include flakey sea salt (we love Maldon), olive oil, herbs, mayonnaise, hollandaise. 

  • Boiled eggs last in the fridge for ~ one week. Leave the peel on for freshness. When in doubt, crack open and take a sniff. If it smells bad, toss it. 

📓 Simmering Time Reference Guide

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