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How to Make Tea 🎬

How to Make Tea 🎬


Today’s lesson is 328 words, a 1 min 18 sec reading time. It is the second lesson of How to Boil Water.

📍 Introduction

A proper cup of black tea is hard to come by. Most shops don’t heat their water to boiling, which is required for proper steeping of many types. Tea steeped below boiling is often weak, light in color, & flavorless. Avoid this situation and make a perfect cuppa by following the instructions below. 

🧂 Ingredients & Equipment:

  • Black Tea (loose suggested) 

  • Vessel for steeping (e.g., mug, teapot) 

  • Strainer or tea ball (something like this

✔️ Instructions: 

  • Boil water

  • Warm the mug & strainer (swirl & then dump some hot water)  

  • Add ~1.5 teaspoons of tea (or a tea bag)

  • Pour boiling water over tea

  • Let steep for 3-5 minutes 

  • Remove tea & flavor to taste 

💡 Variations

  • Herbal: Prepare like black but steep longer (5-10 min). A lid or saucer can help keep the tea warm

  • Green: *Do not* use boiling water or tea will burn & taste bitter. The suggested temp is 167-176°F for Green and 176-185°F for Oolong. Chart of temps here

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks

  • Popular flavorings: Honey, milk/cream, lemon, artificial sweetener

  • Black tea has about 50% the caffeine of drip coffee (~50 mg/cup)

  • Once opened, tea starts to degrade and lose flavor. Store in a dark airtight container away from light or heat for max 2 years. 

  • Health: Tea has many health benefits & can help various ailments. (e.g., pepper or ginger for indigestion, chamomile for sleep). Learn more here & here.

  • Organic is recommended as tea cannot be washed prior to drinking.  Learn more here.  

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🎓 Further Studies: 

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