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⚡️ Wiping Counters, The Etiquette of Dating, MaxF Living & More...

⚡️ Wiping Counters, The Etiquette of Dating, MaxF Living & More...

Life School Weekly v1.0

Hi everybody,

Welcome to the first edition of the Life School Weekly. This week we are sharing four guides we hope will elevate your quality of living. The first three are “unlocked” and available for the next week, regardless of your subscription tier. The fourth is “Premium”. You can learn more about our decision to launch premium content here.

We hope you find these guides helpful and/or interesting!

~ Michelle & the Life School Team

🗝 Unlocked This Week: 

  1. Wiping Counters & Tables 🎬 (1 min & 20 sec): Tips to find your wiping rhythm & keep those surfaces crumb-free. Also, a new video! 

  2. The Philosophy of MaxF, featuring Claire Conly ⭐️ 🎬 (2 min & 12 sec): Making life better by being more efficient. From strategizing errands routes to optimizing downtime while cooking, Claire has a knack for making the most of getting stuff done.

  3. Freezer Stocking Reference Guide 📓 (1 min & 34 sec): A printable reference guide covering what you can and cannot freeze, and how freezing speeds up midweek meal prep. 

🔒 Premium-Only

  1. The Etiquette of Dating 📓 (10 min & 7 sec): Whether seeking marriage or simply a romantic encounter, a dater armed with etiquette has a higher chance of success. Etiquette refers to the customs and guidelines that help people act with more sensitivity towards others. Contrary to popular belief, etiquette in dating is not outdated, nor is chivalry dead. Both, however, have evolved in the modern era. From swiping to snuggling let these tips & tricks inspire you to elevate your game.