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Freezer Stocking Reference Guide 📓

Freezer Stocking Reference Guide 📓

Today’s lesson is 393 words, a 1 min 34 sec reading time. It is the fourth lesson of How to Hack Your Freezer.

👆Printable Reference Guide for Freezer Stocking

📍 Introduction

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration on how to stock your freezer. We hope this printable reference guide helps make your meal prep a bit faster & easier. 

📝 Notes, Tips & Tricks


  • Bread: for faster toast, slice, freeze, & use the defrost setting on your toaster; if going stale, pre-cube it for future use as croutons or breadcrumbs 

  • Dough: freeze in smaller portions for faster defrosting or multiple uses

  • Bagels: store pre-sliced 


  • Meat/chicken: can freeze with marinade to stride ahead  

  • Rotisserie chicken: remove from the bone; portion into individual servings  


  • Ice cream: cover with plastic under the lid to reduce freezer burn (alternatively, eat it faster 😜)

  • Parmesan rinds: save for soups (adds rich umami flavor) 

  • Cheese: possible to freeze if wrapped tightly; see article here

Fruit & Vegetables: 

  • Bananas: peel & break into smaller, blender-friendly chunks  

  • Fruit: save extra-ripe fruit for smoothies or baking 


  • General: move items from the refrigerator to the freezer to extend shelf life (e.g., before trips) 

  • Soups: freeze grains separately (e.g., pasta, rice) to avoid mushy reheating

  • Casseroles/Stews: break down into individual servings for faster reheating & multiple occasions 

  • Sauces: many freeze well, even creamy ones; consider adding extra to a takeout order (e.g., tikka masala, marinara) 

  • Odds & ends: examples include bacon fat, pan juices, leftover wine/sauce, pesto, veggie scraps & bones for broth 

Make-Ahead/Meal Prep: 

  • Onions: can be sautéed & stored in individual servings for faster use later

  • Leafy veggies: can be blanched & squeezed into balls; economical way to use up almost-wilted greens (e.g., spinach, kale)  

  • Marinara/bolognese: individual servings make for easy weeknight meals

  • Soups/broth: freeze noodles/rice separately; a mix of container sizes adds future flexibility 

  • Creamy sides: examples include potato gratin, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes 

  • Quinoa & grains: make sure to cool before freezing; guide here

Flavor Cubes (aka Flavor Bombs):

  • Lemon/lime juice: useful for cocktails, sparkling flavored soda

  • Herbs: chop hearty herbs (e.g., rosemary, thyme) & preserve in olive oil 

  • Ginger: peel and freeze or grate into cubes 

  • Garlic: minced/paste saves well in ice cube trays 

  • Tomato paste: can save leftovers by wrapping up the can or squeezing extra into ice cube trays.

What NOT to stock: 

  • Eggs: can become rubbery, gummy

  • Fried foods: becomes soggy  

  • Gravy: separates 

  • Lettuce, green onions, tomatoes: watery 

  • Mayonnaise, milk, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese: separation

  • Potatoes (raw): odd texture 

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