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Wiping Counters & Tables

Wiping Counters & Tables

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📍 Introduction 

You’ll use countertops more than any other surface in the house, so you’ll want to clean them more, too. Use these tips to find your rhythm & keep those surfaces crumb-free. 

*Note - Since ~80% of US homes have Granite or Quartz countertops, the instructions below are geared towards those materials. 

 🧹 Gear: 

  • Sponge (or microfiber/bar mop)  

  • Towel for rinsing or drying 

  • Dish soap or mild all-purpose spray

  🔢 Instructions: 

  1. Survey the scene; identify the messiest areas 

  2. Clear clutter from countertops 

  3. Dry-wipe to remove debris (e.g., crumbs), sweep into hand & dump in the sink 

  4. Wash counters using a warm, wet cloth or sponge with a bit of dish soap or all-purpose spray; add spray or soap as needed  

  5. Wipe down with warm water 

  6. Dry using a clean kitchen towel 

 📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  • Don't over-soap or over-spray. This makes rinsing much harder. 

  • Thoroughly remove soap off countertops. If not properly rinsed, a film will accumulate, creating a new kind of mess! 

  • Use a fresh cloth for rinsing if possible. It's hard to get all the soap out of your cleaning cloth.  

  • Scanning countertops at eye level helps you see missed spots & crumbs 👀

  • Dilute some dish soap or all-purpose cleaner in a bowl of warm water for easier access while washing. 

  • For tougher stains or messes, try a paste of baking soda & water. 

  • Wipe up spills right away to avoid scrubbing later. 

  • To disinfect now & then, spray with 70% alcohol, let sit 3-5 min. Rinse & dry.

  • Working in an S-shaped pattern from back to front will help ensure you don’t miss spots.  

 📝 Variations/Unique Needs

  • Granite: if using an all-purpose cleaner, check that it’s compatible with granite

  • Marble: avoid acidic cleaners like vinegar or lemon juice.

  • Tile: use a scouring powder & bleach to remove food from grout. 

  • Wood: spray cleaner on a damp cloth, not directly on the wood.

 🎓 Further Studies: 

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