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Smoothies 🍌🧉🍃

Smoothies 🍌🧉🍃

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📍 Introduction: 

Smoothies are fast, easy to make, and highly nutritious (depending on what you put in them 😉). Filled with frozen fruit, they are seriously refreshing - and serve as a convenient vessel for delivering supplements, superfoods, or anything else you’re trying to incorporate into your diet (helllooo, kale). 

Whether blended for breakfast, lunch, or a post-workout snack, smoothies give you a break from your typical meal prep routine. You don’t need any fancy gear, everything goes into one container, and the combinations are limitless. Get creative and bring a straw! 🎨

⚙️ Gear 

  • Blender (🛒: $$, $$$

  • Straw - optional (🛒: $)

🍓 Ingredient Inspiration:   

*For a printable version, check out the Smoothies Reference Guide.

  • Fruit: banana, berries, mango, pineapple, peach, kiwi

  • Liquid/Dairy: milk, nut milk (e.g., almond, cashew, macadamia), juice (e.g., orange, apple), coconut water  

  • Vegetables/herbs: spinach, beets, carrots, kale, sweet potato, pumpkin, basil, mint, ginger 

  • Sweetness: honey, agave, banana, dates, chocolate  

  • Supplements: protein powder (example #1 & 2), fiber (example), collagen (example

  • Superfoods: Acai, cacao, bee pollen, chia/flax/hemp seeds, matcha, turmeric, goji berries, spirulina 

  • Misc: peanut/almond butter, silken tofu, avocado, dried coconut

✅ Instructions 

  1. Add liquid (~1 cup/serving) 

  2. Add frozen fruit (~1 cup/serving) 

  3. Add veggies/additions 

  4. Blend, serve, enjoy! 

📝 Notes, Tips & Tricks: 

  • Add liquid first to avoid straining the blade and motor. Relatedly, chop or break up large pieces of fruit before freezing (e.g., banana) 

  • If the mixture is too thick and the motor is struggling, add some water.

  • If you have fruit on the brink of becoming too ripe, chop and freeze in a zip bag for future smoothies. 

  • To make a smoothie bowl, reduce liquid, add toppings, and bring a spoon.

  • Ice makes smoothies frosty but dilutes flavor; use strategically. 

  • Some high-end blenders can be found refurbished at a lower cost (example

  • If you are using spinach/kale as a base and want the smoothie to be bright green, avoid adding red/purple fruits (e.g., berries) or it will turn brown.

  • Protein powders, collagen & fiber add heft but can make the texture a bit grainy. Use in moderation.

📓 Reference Guide

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