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The Fantasy of Camping 🏕

The Fantasy of Camping 🏕

Introduction - Camping for Indoor People

This lesson is 250 words, a 59 second read time. It is the introduction to The Fantasy of Camping (coming soon). Save your spot on the log.


S’mores, crackling fires, hats, fuzzy socks. Strumming a guitar, drinking beers while grilling some dinner, gazing at the stars. The simple pleasures of camping are hard to ignore. There is nothing quite like it. 

Camping is about tapping into a part of ourselves that we often ignore. That part of us that’s primal. Survivalist. The adventurer. The part that believes in ourselves to survive without our modern creature comforts. 

When we push ourselves to get out of our comfortable lives, we develop a deeper confidence in ourselves. We feel stronger. Competent. Reunited with our inner selves. 

Add this to a nice old fashioned simplicity and a much needed break from wifi and you have yourself the perfect, inexpensive, rejuvenating vacation. 

And yes - camping is hard.  There are bugs, sporadic bathrooms, and chills. It requires gear and prep and time. It runs risks - of ending up more stressed than just not going anywhere at all. 

But - talk to any longtime camper. The kind that have the knowledge and the skills. The type that know what they are doing, where they are going and how to get there. Ask them if they would ever give it up…

And that is why we are creating this course. You shouldn’t have to do hundreds of hours of research, or learn the hard way. We’re here to get to the point, the TLDR - of how to camp in comfort. Welcome to camping for indoor people.