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Hellooo Freezer! 🧊

Hellooo Freezer! 🧊

Today’s lesson is 242 words, a 58 sec reading time.  It is the first lesson of our new course, How to Hack Your Freezer.

Pictured above from top left, clockwise: bananas, edamame, pineapple, broth cubes, ground beef, bread, bone broth, leftover roasted chicken, parmesan rinds, pesto cubes, butter, leftover tomato paste, chicken bones & veggie ends.

📍 Introduction: 

The freezer is one of the ultimate secret weapons for a home chef because of its unparalleled ability to preserve a wide range of ingredients and foods for future use. A well-stocked freezer serves many benefits, such as: 

  • Faster weeknight meal prep

  • Reduced trips to the grocery store

  • Storage for ingredients & leftovers 

  • Warehousing of labor-intensive components

With that said, there are several challenges associated with freezing food: 

  • Freezers are limited in size, with many oddly shaped-nooks and crannies. 

  • Learning and memorizing which items can be frozen, and how to pack and defrost them is no small feat. 

  • Mistakes can lead to spoiled food or subpar outcomes. 

While many freezers are packed with ready-made meals, pizzas, and ice cream, these bulky packaged items take up valuable space. With a little strategic planning, you can repurpose that space towards healthier, tastier, and more economical foods. 

This course is about putting your freezer to its ultimate use. We will cover gear, organization, the science of freezing & thawing, and how to pack flavor into the smallest of bundles - ice cubes. We’ll go into detail on how to freeze leftovers, meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. There will be practice recipes - such as homemade LaCroix, pesto, bone broth, ice cream, and smoothies. Lastly, we’ll sum it all up with a freezer storage time chart. (See the syllabus here.)

We hope this course serves you well in your pursuit of efficient food preparation. Get ready to freeze!

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