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Introduction: The Balanced Salad 🥗

Introduction: The Balanced Salad 🥗

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“There was an Old Person of Fife,

Who was greatly disgusted with life;

They sang him a ballad, and fed him on salad,

Which cured that Old Person of Fife.”

- Edward Lear, English artist & writer (1812-1888)

A tasty salad is a glorious thing - and fortunately, with a little practice & know-how, they are well within reach for a beginner home chef.  Unfortunately, many salads served in homes today underwhelm their diners. They often consist of a few handfuls of limp bagged lettuce, a drizzle of months-old bottled dressing, and some toppings that may or may not balance the other ingredients. The result? A dull, bland pile of dressed greenery.  

It doesn’t have to be this way! Say hello to The Balanced Salad. 👋⚖️🥗

What is a balanced salad? It has a mixture of complementary flavors (e.g., salty, tart, bitter & sweet) and textures (e.g., crisp, soft, crunchy, creamy). When these flavors and textures meld, the salad reaches new heights. This elevated salad is no longer a “should have” at the beginning of a meal. Rather, it’s a star unto itself - a delightful, healthy, exciting component of a fulfilling meal. 

To make a balanced salad, you need three skill sets:

  1. Selection & care of lettuce and greens - to pick, store & prep your veggies

  2. Knife skills - to chop & handle multiple types of vegetables for efficient salad prep

  3. Balancing flavors and textures - to ensure your salad is tasty & satisfying 

Add a dash of creativity to these foundations, a sprinkle of resourcefulness, and a willingness to try new things, and you will be creating satisfying salads in no time. Many people enjoy salads multiple times throughout the week, so we believe it’s worth investing in this skill. 

After this course, you will feel empowered to peer into your cupboards & fridge and whip up a tasty salad without needing to consult a recipe. Because salads often have many ingredients (6-8 is ideal), using a recipe can be frustrating. It’s rare to have everything in a recipe on hand at any given point. Rather than flip through endless recipes trying to figure out what is possible, simply learn the fundamentals & then improvise. You’ll be making your own “signature salad” in no time!

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