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Cleaning as You Go

Cleaning as You Go

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Experienced chefs always seem to have clean countertops & empty sinks by the time they’re done cooking. With a little planning & some tips up your sleeve, you too can finish your cooking without staring down another big job. 

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  1. Empty dishwasher & clear drying rack before starting. Rinse & load as you go.  

  2. ABC: Always Be Cleaning! Use cooking downtime (e.g., waiting for water to boil) to get ahead.

  3. Wipe up spills while they are fresh. If left, they stick. Pick up dropped items before you accidentally squish them. 

  4. Rinse or soak pots & pans to avoid scrubbing later. Wait for them to cool slightly to prevent warping.

  5. Fill a bowl or cup with soapy water & leave in the sink to corral dirty utensils. 

  6. Regularly wipe down counters with a damp bar-mop towel as you cook. Save larger kitchen towels for drying clean hands & dishes. 

  7. Wipe & rinse where possible. If something doesn’t need disinfecting (e.g., only touched vegetables or some dry ingredients), save yourself the effort!  

  8. Rinse & stack dishes as you use them. Wash & dry when you have a few mins.

  9. Many hands make light work. If someone offers to help, say yes! If their cleaning technique isn’t up to your standards, teach them.