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The Daily Cleaning Routine

The Daily Cleaning Routine

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📍 Why have a daily routine?  

  • It’s easier to get started if you know the first step  

  • Feeling progress makes the process go by faster 

  • Having an end in sight makes cleaning feel easier

  • Avoid wasting time hopping between activities (aka switching costs)

  • Ensure you are prioritizing effectively (e.g., not distracted or forgetting steps) 

🔢 Instructions : 

  1. Put away clean items first

  2. Clear the table of dishes & glassware

  3. Wipe down counters & tabletops

  4. Wash dishes (by hand or machine)

  5. Soak dirty pots & pans 

  6. Wash & dry pots & pans (next morning recommended) 

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  • Tackle urgent messes such as spills right away before they set 

  • Time yourself cleaning a few times - you may be surprised by how fast you go! 

  • Use a large basket to clear non-kitchen items out of the kitchen

  • Cleaning is a great family or group activity. To promote enthusiastic participation, assign workers their favorite tasks 😉

🎓 Further Studies: 

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