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Kitchen Cleaning Gear & Recommendations

Kitchen Cleaning Gear & Recommendations

📍 Intro

You’ll use kitchen cleaning gear more often than almost anything else in your house. It’s worth ensuring that you have what you need to GSD (get stuff done). 

🧹 Suggested Gear:  

  • Kitchen towels (for drying hands & dishes)

  • Bar mop towels (for wiping surfaces & cleaning)

  • Sponges (soft, medium & abrasive) 

  • Soap (natural is easier on hands) 

  • All-purpose spray 

  • Mild abrasive cleaner (or baking soda)

  • Rubber gloves (optional)

  • Dishwasher detergent & rinse aid (optional)

  • Drying rack or mat (optional) 

 📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  • Store gear in a bin under the sink for easy access; keep away from food items 

  • A “sink station” includes sponges in a mounted holder or on a dish, brushes, gloves, & soap in a pump bottle

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 🎓 Further Studies: 

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