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The Joy of Kitchen Cleaning

The Joy of Kitchen Cleaning

📍 Introduction

Kitchen cleaning, approached with the right attitude, can be downright fun. Yes, truly! With a little know-how & a strategic approach, your sinks & countertops can be sparkling quickly, efficiently, and relatively painlessly. 

Here are some reasons we enjoy cleaning the kitchen: 

  • 😎 It’s more pleasant to work in a clean & tidy workspace

  • 💪 Cleaning gets the body moving & blood flowing 

  • 🦠 Removes gunk, shmutz, food leftovers, bacteria, etc.

  • 🧘 Can feel cathartic & help the mind decompress 

  • 🎧 Gives an excuse to listen to an audiobook or podcast 

  • ⭐️ Leads to a feeling of accomplishment 

 📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  • The kitchen is both a warehouse & battlefield - and thus requires operational tactics unique to its needs

  • As a warehouse, it requires a system of organization. Items should ideally be grouped by type & stored near their place of use. 

  • As a battlefield, having a plan of attack is critical. Disorganization leads to repetition and wasted time. 

  • Kitchen cleaning is never really “done,” which makes it an excellent metaphor for life. Do your best, get it to an acceptable level of sanitation, & move on! 😎  

  • Many cleaning products are toxic. Save harsh chemicals for serious messes & stains & check labels for details if you are in doubt. 

  • A clean kitchen (and home) is scentless. The only smells should be food cooking or fresh flowers. 

  • If you smell chemicals (e.g., bleach), air out the room. 

  • Listen to your intuition. Let smell, sight & feel be your guide. If a surface feels grimy or smells stinky, it probably needs some TLC

  • Keep the kitchen as sparse & organized as possible. If you know where items are, rummaging should take < 10 seconds. 

  • Store most frequently used items in the most accessible places (e.g., eye level) 

 🎓 Further Studies: 

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