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Sheet Pan Dinners

Sheet Pan Dinners

📍 Introduction:

Roasting a bunch of items at the same time is one of the most efficient ways to cook. You can do this by putting all items on the same sheet pan, or by splitting them up and roasting a few small pans of items simultaneously. Using multiple pans ensures that each ingredient cooks to perfection. If you don't have multiple pans, look for recipes that pair items with similar cook time. Or simply add or subtract the cooked food as they become ready. 

📝Tips & Tricks

  • Quarter pans take up about half a rack in the oven, meaning you can cook ~4+ items at once 

  • Parchment paper makes for easy cleanup. Just toss the paper & wipe down the pan

  • Different cuts of different proteins have drastically different roasting times. Whole chicken breasts with bone-in take ~35 min to slow-roast; thin chicken tenders can be broiled in 5 min

🗂 Recipe Box  

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