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Products & Gear for Roasting 

Products & Gear for Roasting 

🧳 Essential Gear:  

  • Rimmed baking sheet: Quarter-sized is best if you plan to cook multiple items at once with different cooking times. Example: $-$$

  • Spatula: For flipping smaller items. Must be heatproof (e.g., silicon or wooden, not plastic). 

⚡️ Recommended

  • Digital Thermometer: Particularly useful when cooking poultry, meat, or baked potatoes. Ensures food is cooked to perfection. 

  • Parchment paper: Protects pans from residue, caked-on oil, caramelized sticky messes. Practically eliminates the need to wash your pan. 

  • Tongs: For turning larger items.

  • Oven mitts: Important for protecting your hands. Potholders & kitchen towels can also be used but are more prone to slip.

  • Cast Iron Pan: Great for whole roast chicken.

  • Aluminum foil: To keep things warm or let them rest after cooking. 

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks: 

  • Keep a crock with utensils & tools near the oven.

  • Check your rack height before preheating the oven so you don't have to handle racks while they’re blazing hot.

  • Don't make a habit of storing items in your oven when you run out of space in the cupboards; you will almost certainly preheat the oven while forgetting they are there! 

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