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How to make Drip (aka Pour Over) Coffee

How to make Drip (aka Pour Over) Coffee

“If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”  - Abraham Lincoln

📍 Introduction

Coffee is a great pick me up, and many people love to start their day with it. Here is a simple way to make coffee at home. 

🧂 Ingredients & Equipment:

✔️  Instructions: 

  • Boil water

  • Rinse the filter & paper to rid it of papery taste & heat the vessel

  • Bloom the coffee: Pour in enough hot water to cover grinds, let them froth (aka “bloom”) for 45 seconds

  • Slowly pour in rest of hot water & let finish dripping

  • Flavor to your liking! Sip. Enjoy. ☕️

📝 Notes, Tips, Tricks

  • The “golden ratio” is: 1-2 tablespoons coffee per 6 oz water; adjust to taste

  • Storing coffee: try to keep whole beans in an opaque, airtight container away from light, heat & moisture

  • For ultimate freshness, grind beans each time you make coffee. Here is an article by Wirecutter on Coffee Grinders. 

🎓 Further Studies: 

  • Trade Coffee’s “How To” section has excellent tutorials for alternative methods for making coffee (e.g., Coffee Maker, French Press, Cold Brew) 

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