Oct 9, 2021 • 2M

🥡 Sprucing Up Leftovers, Washing the Dishes, and Overnight Hosting & Guesting

Life School Weekly #2

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Hi everybody -

Welcome to the second edition of the Life School Weekly! This week we are unlocking three guides that we hope will help elevate your quality of living.

🗝 Unlocked this week:

  1. 🥡 Sprucing Up Leftovers ⚡️📓 (3 min read; 4 min listen): There’s an old saying, “every food has a purpose and a re-purpose.” Working with leftovers is one of the ultimate ways to lean into this philosophy. Both challenging and rewarding, sprucing up leftovers will stretch your prowess as a scrappy & creative home chef.

  2. 🧼 Washing the Dishes 🎬 (2 min read; 3 min listen): With a plan of attack, you can blast through that tower of gunk before you know it. Sparkling sinks make for happy people, so give these tips & tricks a try. 

  3. 💞 The Etiquette of Dating 📓 (10 min read; 19 min listen): Contrary to popular belief, etiquette in dating is not outdated, nor is chivalry dead. Both, however, have evolved in the modern era. From swiping to snuggling, let these tips & tricks inspire you to elevate your game. 

🔒 Premium-Only

  1. 🧳🏡 The Etiquette of Overnight Hosting & Guesting 📓 (5 min read; 9 min listen): Are you confident in your manners & skillsets as a houseguest or host? This guide is nearly complete and could use a final review. Have feedback? Did we miss something? Please leave a comment. 🙏

Have a great weekend!

~ Michelle & the Life School Team

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