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🪴 Indoor Plant Care, Loading the Dishwasher & Oatmeal Delight

🪴 Indoor Plant Care, Loading the Dishwasher & Oatmeal Delight

Life School Weekly #3

Hi Everybody -

Welcome to the third edition of the Life School Weekly! This week we are unlocking three guides that we hope will help elevate your quality of living.

🗝 Unlocked this week:

  • 🪴 Indoor Plant Care 📓 (4 min 23 second read): Plants bring nature into the home, help rejuvenate the air, make a room feel cozier, and add a dash of flair at a low cost. This guide will help you build your confidence as a proud plant parent. As the old saying goes, if you have a window, you can have a plant!

  • 🍴The Art of Loading the Dishwasher (2 min read): Like playing a game of Tetris, loading a dishwasher is a puzzle. Once you master this skill, you will significantly reduce time spent rejiggering, & improve the odds that dishes come out sparkly & clean. No water spots, residue, or broken items for you! 

  • 🥣 Oatmeal Delight 📓 (2 min and 38 sec read): With its neutral flavor and customizable texture, oatmeal is the ultimate blank canvas for building a hearty, satisfying, & economical breakfast. The most important thing to remember about oatmeal? It’s best the way *you* like it. Go ahead and experiment. Your scrumptious bowl of whole-grain goodness awaits. 

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  • Hacks to Prevent Messes ⚡️ (2 min and 9 sec read):  If you prevent the mess in the first place, you’ll waste less time later cleaning up. We scoured the internet for the 15 best tips & tricks to help you keep your kitchen tidy while cooking up a storm. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Michelle & the Life School Team

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