53 - Homemade Sparkling Citrus Soda 🎬✨🍊

Listen now (2 min) | Today’s lesson is 216 words, a 51 sec reading time. It is the sixth lesson of How to Hack Your Freezer. Video demonstration of Citrus Flavor Cubes & Sparkling Soda. 👇 📍 Introduction: Sparkling citrus soda (aka “Homemade LaCroix”) is a delicious, faintly sweet, effervescent beverage. More economical than buying from the store, this concoction is also gentler on the environment, straightforward to prepare, and will spare you from schlepping all those cans & bottles. Additionally, you can customize the flavorings precisely to your liking, or even create your own signature cocktail (or mocktail).🍹

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