Cleaning, Laundry, Efficiency & DIY

Table of Contents

Guide: 🎬 movie, 📓 reference guide


Kitchen - Daily:

Kitchen - Weekly:

  • The Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Routine

  • Gear for Deeper Kitchen Cleaning

  • Vacuuming/Sweeping Floors

  • Mopping the Floors

  • Cleaning the Stovetop

  • Washing (& Disinfecting) the Sink

  • Cleaning Out & Organizing the Fridge

  • Washing & Seasoning Cast Iron

  • How to De-Stain Enamel 🔒

  • Wood Board & Utensil Care

  • Laundering Kitchen Cleaning Towels

Bathroom & Bedroom:



Home Maintenance

  • How to Keep a Houseplant Alive 🎬

  • How to Hang a Painting 🎬

  • How to Clean Out Your Closet

  • How to Organize Storage Space

  • Renter’s Must-Knows

Car Maintenance

  • Car Owner’s Must-Knows

  • How to Add Air to Tires

  • How to Change the Wiper Fluid

  • How to Charge your Battery w/out Jumper Cables

Bike Maintenance

  • How to Add Air to Tires

  • How to Clean a Bike

  • How to Change a Bike Tire

  • How to Oil the Chain


  • How to Plunge a Toilet

  • Fixing the Sink’s Garbage Disposal

  • How to Handle a Blackout

  • How to Prepare for an Earthquake


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