Nov 13, 2021 • 3M

Roasted Turkey Breast, Sponges Deep Dive & Personal Finance Workshop 🧼📊

Life School Weekly #7

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Hi Everybody -

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Life School Weekly! We have a variety of content to share with you this week - lessons, videos, deep dives, and even a spreadsheet! Hope you find something that helps elevate your quality of living. 

🔦 Featured this week:

  1. Roasted Turkey Breast ⚡️🎬 (2 min 36 sec): Roasted turkey breast is lean, packed with protein, easy to prepare, and delicious. Requiring just 15 minutes of active work and costing ~$2/lb, it is also economical & high leverage. The best thing about this MaxF dish? There are many ways to use it up (e.g., grain bowls, soups, sandwiches). You can even freeze it for later.

  2. Sponges Deep Dive (55 sec): Curious to learn more about sponges? Check out this quick lesson that covers the three main types of sponges, methods for disinfecting, and purchasing recommendations. 

  3. How to Butcher a Chicken 🌟🎬 (22 min): Chef Dennis Mabasa is a knife skills pro. Here’s a video showing how to break down a whole chicken into parts you can use for cooking, freezing, or meal prep.

⛱ Sandbox

  • Cleaning Time Analysis 📊: Looking to clean more strategically? Check out this doc. It includes an analysis of “call-friendly chores”, as well as a sample WFH cleaning schedule.

    Cleaning Time Analysis

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  • Cooking Continuously 🎬⚡️ (1 min 46 sec): Cooking Continuously is one of our absolute favorite meal prep hacks. The term refers to preparing a series of ingredients, one after the next while using the same pot of seasoned water. The method can produce a tremendous amount of food in one big push, making it quite high leverage. 

  • Slack Group: If you haven’t joined us yet, come on in! We’re talking cooking, car maintenance, personal finance, & MaxF wins. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Michelle & the Life School Team

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